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Sales Improvement

To evaluate the current sales, effort, marketing, markets, product assortment, contracts and supply chain

Step one: Evaluation and status. We will need to review the sales:

  • Product assortment
  • Agreements
  • Sales results
  • Client list
  • Discussion with sales staff
  • Sales structure
  • Supply chain
  • Marketing /marketing plan
  • Strategy plan

Step two: Discussion and wishes from Client.

  • What is the expectations
  • What are the current plans
  • What is in the pipe line
  • Expected changes and modifications
  • Co-meetings with Key clients

Step three: Evaluation and recommendations

After clarifying step 2 we will come up with an basic plan containing the following aspects of business:

  • First impressions of current business and structure
  • Suggestions for sales improvements
  • Recommendations for sales changes
  • Plan for improvements

Step four: Implementation and support

After providing sales improvement plan assistance are possible to the client in implementation and giving support to secure optimal result.

Step five: Recap and follow up

Periodically it is needed to recap and follow up on the sales development and to adapt and modify if needed and to measure the achieved result.