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Business support

Supporting the current business, evaluating opportunities and threats, expanding the horizon for additional and potential new business.

Step one: Client evaluation and status. We will need to review the current level of business by receiving

  • Status and SWAT of current business
  • Strategy plans
  • Organization plan and responsibilities
  • Financial accounts
  • Agreements
  • Sales results
  • Client list

Step two: Discussion and wishes from Client.

  • What is the expectations
  • What are the current plans
  • What is in the pipe line
  • Expected changes and modifications
  • Operational plans

Step three: Evaluation and recommendations

After clarifying step 2 we will come up with an basic plan containing the following aspects of business:

  • Business opportunities
  • Evaluation of current business
  • Sales structure
  • Sales strategy
  • Marketing Evaluation/comments and suggestions

Step four: Implementation and support

After agreeing on the final Business plan and strategy we are able to assist the client in implementation of it, and giving support to secure optimal result.

Step five: Recap and follow up

Periodically it is needed to recap and follow up on the business plan and strategy to adapt and modify if needed and to measure the achieved result.